Kingfish caught in Stuart, Florida.Kingfish Charters for South Florida

Kingfish (also known as King Mackerel) can be caught year round fishing out of Stuart, Florida and the St. Lucie Inlet but the best fishing and biggest fish are caught during the seasons of late Spring and early Summer.  Kingfish are migratory and they travel up the Atlantic to the Carolinas at this time of year before migrating back down here to South Florida for Winter. Live baiting is my favorite way to catch kings.  We use 20lb conventional or spinning tackle and we live chum these fish.  It's very exciting when we get the Kingfish chummed up behind the boat.  Kingfish commonly launch 10-15ft out of the water when initially striking the bait.  This is called sky rocketing.  Razor sharp teeth and blistering speed runs make for an exciting encounter. One tip is to use a generous amount of line - they will keep on running once they strike your bait so lots of line and good drag are essential. The average Kingfish we catch is probably 10-12lbs and we catch fish in excess of 35-40lbs every Summer.  Kings are good eating but do not freeze very well because of the oils in the meat.  Kingfish make excellent smoked fish and smoked fish dip.  So if you have a smoker or want to get your kingfish smoked the DayMaker can help you out.  Bring the kids and catch some flat seas and summertime Kingfish and Reef fish.  By-catches include Cobia, Sailfish, Wahoo, Bonito, Shark, Dolphin, and Barracuda.

Want to go fishing for some Kingfish? Call Capt. Price on (772) 405-0091 or use the contact form.

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