Day 1 Of 3 Taking Veterans Fishing

Report Date: September 7, 2019

Had our first trip and group of Veterans out today. This was the first of 3 days of ya taking Veterans fishing. I love my job and love supporting our troops. Today however was a tough day. If we didn’t have bad luck we would have no luck at all. Some days you’re the ball some days you’re the bat. Today we were the ball that was on a string that you can continually beat with the bat... we started our pulling a sail off then missed our next 4 bites as well. I think they were all Kingfish. Some pulled off on wire and we got clipped off on mono. Current was ripping today 3 knots in 75ft. My hands were tied for 90% of bottom fishing. We tried it anyway, we caught some undersized Amberjacks powerfishing and tried to get out of the current and anchored in 65ft (2.6knots of current) we held with 24oz but only managed a jack, some sea bass and a red grouper. Back to rigger fishing and we made maybe 15 moves through the day. We finally caught some kingfish and bonito. The fleet had some decent sailfish action with some boats catching 2-3 fish and a few mahis. Wasn’t our day, but tomorrow is another day and I’m kinda mad at it now!


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