Good Action And Lots Of Meat With Our Regulars Today

Report Date: May 4, 2019

Got canceled for May 23rd 1 of 2 May dates left

Well, not sure about the whole luck thing... lol

We had Doc, Eddie Mark, Aaron and Tater out for a full day of meat fishing. With the complete lack of surface action I focused on the bottom again today.

We started out catching some sea bass, genuine reds, small almaco jacks, and rudderfish.

That wasn’t going great so we moved on to grouper fishing. Our first 2.5 hours of grouper fishing we got absolutely crushed. It was frustrating but everyone was laughing our asses off. It was at our 4th spot Doc finally got a grouper off the bottom and we got taxed 15ft from the boat. I grabbed the line and hand-lined the fish away and we had a couple of steaks from the head and shoulders of a 16-18lb Gag. A few AJs later we found what we were looking for and Aaron and Doc hooked a double header of stout gag grouper one weighing 34 and the other 28 respectively. Few more drops but the gaggregation got wise and moved into the sand and I couldn’t find them again. Few more moved and a short red grouper and some more sea bass. Ended the day on the last spot with Mark and Doc catching a nice gag and red snapper and a few more AJs to end the day.

Great day great times.

Come and get some tackle testing. Are you ready?






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