1/2 Day Of Bottom Fishing

Report Date: May 13, 2019

Fished a 1/2 day today with Don and his 3 buddies. Bought some bait and caught some bait and then headed offshore.

Taking everything into consideration I decided to start out chicken rig fishing for grouper, snapper, Seabass, triggers etc. We were putting a collection together of Seabass and porgies when Someone spoke up and said they wanted real fish. Ok! So off we went to live bait bottom fish. We broke 4 fish off in the bottom. Went to next spot and I didn’t let the guys drop all the way down. We caught 3 rudderfish, 6 almaco jacks and a couple of undersized Amberjack. We ended the day bump trolling some live baits but did not have a bite.


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