Cinco De Mayo With Some Regular Customers

Report Date: May 5, 2019

Fished pretty hard today with regular clients Becky and Jeff and Helena and John Wilkas. We bought some herring from Bryan Sperau and headed off looking for bottom bait. We caught 125 assorted bottom baits and started out chicken rig fishing for scamp, red grouper, snapper and more. Caught a keeper red and small snowy, some nice triggers and a some lane snappers. Went live bait fishing and caught some almaco jacks and some Amberjacks. 3rd day of coolish water and south tide I think was catching up to us. Electronically things looked really good but besides genuine reds (21) we only had 3 live bait grouper bites and Becky caught a quality Gag.

It breezed up about 1 out of the south 15 plus knots and with the south tide it didn’t take long to feel like you were in the inlet on a outgoing tide for eternity. We were making 10-15 knots straight into it to a couple spots. We tried drifting but couldn’t hold bottom with 20oz of lead laying side to the current and wind. So I tried to power fish and all we did was power south of everything. Pretty annoying so we decided to bag it an hour early and head in. We kept a total of 25 fish for dinner and let go prolly another 50 fish in total.

The 7 mile move south and the ride home sucked big time with 4-5ft at 4-5 seconds. Slow boat to China. Was done cleaning fish before the real weather came.





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