Good Fall Fishing Swinging Into What Could Be The Best Winter In 10 Plus Years

Report Date: November 12, 2018

October fishing was good to great for our clients. Sadly it was one of the toughest months of my life. I was fishing on Sunday Oct 14th when I got a group text from my sister Dana in Georgia that my older brother Eric had a stroke and was in the hospital. I raced in as quickly as I could and with great help from Delta I was on a flight by 2:15. When I arrived at the hospital my bother was not verbal anymore but he responded to me and we communicated with hand squeezes something I will never forget. Sadly Eric passed away on Thursday the 25th.

When things settled and I got back in the groove of fishing November’s fishing has been excellent. In the course of a week we caught 52 Cobia to 67lb. We had as many as 11 sailfish bites in day and released 4 and 5 in back to back days. We also had days with catches of up to a dozen mahi mahi. Limited of snapper, grouper to 30lbs and many Amberjack, SeaBass, Triggerfish and more. Big blackfin tuna have started making the anuj migration and have been mixed in with the mahi mahi and sailfish. We did a have a rare catch for our area as well with a lucky lady angler hooking and landing a 30lb African Pompano.
Fishing has been good to great and expect it to reach excellent status and sea surface temperatures drop with each passing cold front. December and January are going to be excellent fishing.

















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