Family Fun Bottom Fishing Stuart Fl

Report Date: September 23, 2018

Had a scheduled full day with the Huynh family. Got to the boat early and rigged up for mahi fishing. Had 50
Cigar minnows left over in the bait pen and they were happy to see me this morning. Got my ballyhoos rigged and pulled over to the fuel dock. I always shut my well off when getting fuel so he overflow doesn’t go in the fuel fill and I don’t get a wet ass. I always turn it back on except for this morning🤦‍♂️.

By the time I got to the Bullshark wreck all my bait was dead! And we didn’t catch anything but grunts in 4 different spots and I’ll atrrribute that to the ground swell.

There was some squalls offshore and after a hour of bait hunting I decided to go look for B Liners. We had a light drift of .4 knots and fished 4 rods with the kids. In a hour and a 1/2 we caught 42 snapper keeping a limit of 35 plus 1 our of 2 yellow eye snapper we caught. We also caught 5 small almaco jacks and a remora and some big blue runners.

After cleaning up and icing down we started our treck to the SE. Found some nice conditions in 700ft lots of big patches of grass tons of flyers so we started trolling. Never had a bite! Dodged some storms and ran around and hit other lines and debris. No bites!

Gave it 3 hours with nothing and ran back Inshroe to try our grunts on the bottom. I really had little faith in any bottom fishing as the day progressed because of a substantial ground swell showing 7-10ft at times on the bottom machine. We caught 3 Genuine Reds we let go in 4 spots we tried.

Back to trolling where I trolled over 15 other rocks from 155-75ft. Didn’t mark anything worth Dropping and despite tons of flyers still never had a trolling bite from anything. Back at the dock by 3!

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