Saw A First Today For Me

Report Date: October 5, 2018

Saw something I’ve never seen before in 25 years of professional fishing!

What a beautiful day it was today offshore. Ran the Two Daze Off today and having not fished since last Wednesday had no idea what to expect. What I did figure would be true is we wouldn’t find any live bait. Hit a couple spots and gave it 45 minutes with squid tipped sabikis hoping for some grunts runners pinfish for bottom fishing and we never had the first bite due to he perpetual ground swell from hurricane Leslie.

So we switched gears and ran offshore looking for a condition to start trolling. Didn’t have to go far to find decent blended water, tons of flyers, and countless white birds picking and diving on what looked like miles of minnows. So we set out in 120ft and started chasing birds around. We had a handful of kingfish bites but didn’t connect with our mono leaders. Racked out to 145 and caught a nice little blackfin tuna. Fished in and out and finally found a beautiful edge in 200ft of water. Blended blue/green water butted up against a deep blue water. Plenty of current ripped up, and nice line of grass and flying fish everywhere. We never had a bite on that edge in 45 minutes.

We cranked everything in and I headed offshore. Stopped at push button hill and looked for some tuna or mahi in scattered grass and beautiful water. We saw some tuna jumping and pulled 1 off and caught a skipjack tuna.

No other bites there but the coolest thing happen. As I was trolling north I saw a square mile area of big splashes and white water heading my way at a pretty good clip. Was thinking a big pod of porpoise, tuna crossed my mind too just because the re-entry splashes weren’t perfect like a porpoise makes. Got close and saw a couple hundred or more whale/porpoise like creatures cruising along at a fast pace down sea. Some were all black, some were black and white, some were grayish blue and white. They had a high dorsal compared to a standard porpoise, prolly 6-10” taller. The most distinguishing feature was there big head and blunt front to the head. No nose or snout. The critters were prolly 8-11ft long!

Once our sightseeing tour was over we ran off to 1100 ft looking for a condition and some float and mahis. No luck at all! Trolled for about 45 minutes with no bites!

Ran back in and went chicken rig fishing. We caught 27 snapper including 1 lane, 5 Genuine Reds and 21 Vermillion snapper. We also caught 3 almaco jacks, countless jumbo blue runners and a nice sized nurse shark. Charles was cranking up one of the blue runners we kept and tried dropping and got slammed behind the boat. We caught a 35lb kingfish. That was our DayMaker!

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