First Day Of Two Wirh John

Report Date: January 31, 2019



Have John in from North Carolina to catch sails by himself. Ok... 🤔 two cold fronts, north wind, end of January, big ground swell. Easy!

We waited at the inlet for 10 mintutes this morning watching swell break everywhere. Finally got a break and went for it. Let’s just say I’m glad I didn’t wait 15 more seconds and we’ll leave it at that. Actually, John pointed that out to me.. 😳🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

Ran off and started on a degree break in green water 80ft and boy did I F-up

I trolled in grass and grass and grass. I was pushing SE which I felt was best to defeat the enemy of grass. I may have Reached a record in miles traveled walking on my boat today. I shagged grass for 2.5 hours straight from 75-300ft with Multiple tacks north and south were I was tricked thinking it was clean.

Multiple edges lots of bait, birds diving etc. no bites.

Finally had a sail bite in 160ft we got within 20ft of the leader after 10 mins and pulled off.

Fished for hours without a bite, MIND BLOWING! Finally a couple mahis. Fished south to Jupiter catching 3 mahi from 80-190ft. Fished back to the north in the afternoon and finally raised another sail on the short rigger. Came tight and turned it into a double at 3:10. Caught 1 and the other flopped off. John looked at me and said “DayMaker”. That was my Birthday sail. I said. “It’s your birthday?” Yea! I didn’t want to jynx us...

Given the gravity of the situation I put it in overtime and on our second circle we hooked a triple header of sails with John as the only angler and we released 2. Great way to end the day. 3-6 on sails and 3-3 on mahi for dinner.

I had customer Rob Webb riding along to take photos as he is trying to start a new business






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