Mixed Bag Of Fishing

Report Date: August 27, 2019

Fished with @john_buss from @j_b_roofing and his Dad Ron, and friends Gene, Curt and Derrick. We were greeted by a hefty NE swell and some south tide or zero current. We tried live bait fishing and only had one bite. I decided to go bottom fishing. We picked away catching a couple mutton’s, a lane snapper, 8 vermillion snappers, 8 red snappers, 3 triggerfish, a couple Amberjack, an almaco jack, 3 chocolate chip porgies, 3 red porgies, a couple sharks, 3
Kingfish, a bonito, and a small mahi mahi. Happy to have what we did given the conditions. Everyone has some fresh fish dinners for a couple days. As a highlight I caught the first remora I’ve ever caught on a jig. The fish came off a leatherback turtle and was the largest remora I’ve ever seen.


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