Putting Motor Back In

Report Date: September 23, 2019

The DayMaker is making progress. Put in another 13hr day today with help from Terry, Ian and Finn again today. Motor is back in plan is to go in the water some time tomorrow. Finish hooking up the motor and get it running. Finish yard work and lock down console. Sea trial Wednesday morning and back to my slip at Sailfish Marina to load coolers and gear and give her a good scrubbing after being in the yard for a month. The longest stretch for the DayMaker in 10 years. Between work on the boat we’re continuing to help with Bahamas relief. Deliveries are scheduled to drop off points for truck loads and we have our board meeting with the sailfish club weds night. Working on logistics for future aide in rebuilding. Stay tuned for further updates.

In the meantime the weather is gonna break this week and I have a handful of buddies making trips by boat specifically to Grand Cay. If you have interest in contributing relief to an island cut off by the main land and that has to this day not seen any government relief I/we/they welcome it and are forever grateful. Food, water, fuel, hygiene and building supplies are most needed as the initial wave of relief by air has worn out and the weather to go by boat for continued support has been horrible. Message me or text me at 772-405-0091 if interested in helping stock a boat.

Thanks in advance

Some DayMaker progress pics...




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