Ran The Two Daze Off Today

Report Date: January 25, 2019

Fun day with Charles and company in the Two Daze Off today. We ran the ditch and set out on the 27.33 and immediately raised a single sail we caught. Set back out and covered up by bonito a few times and then another single sailfish release. More bonito and our area in 120ft dried up. Found a blend in 140 and raised a single we jumped off. Caught some mahi and missed some mahi and then jumped another single sail off. That area dried up and we made our way south and inshore where we raised 6 or 7 sails at once and had 6 bites hooking 4 and catching a triple. Missed another and saw another that didn’t bite after that and caught another mahi. Also had some kingfish and bonito action there as well!

Fun day and good times

Dinner and a show with 5 sail release and mahi mahi to 16lb.

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