What A Ride, First Wave Over Moving On For Another Year

Report Date: September 15, 2019

AN AMAZING DAY. Today we closed off our initial wave of immediate life sustaining relief to the Bahamas. Today our last 5 flights flew out of the Jet Center. The Stuart location flew a 101 flights. 26 by helo and 75 by fixed wing totaling 98 tons of relief. We also filled 26 trucks and trailers to provide boat relief totaling 86 tons. The @mastroianni_foundation was instrumental in our most recent efforts of moving massive amounts of cargo by air with their Convair fleet. Combined with their efforts out of Palm Beach our groups moved over 320 tons of relief in 8 days. NOTHING SHORT OF AMAZING. The effort of the Jet Center, the Stuart Sailfish Club, Mastroainni family, Seth Funt, hundreds of volunteers and thousands of donors made this all possible. Everyone should be very proud as a big difference was made. We were also joined by some of the evacuated Bahamians to see the final loads off. It was awesome to give these men women and children a hug today. The Sailfish Club, the Mastroianni Foundation, myself and many others will be in this for the long haul. I will keep you apprised of phase two and 3. Phase two is in full swing with staging barges and trailers for another wave of relief. Stage 3 will be rebuilding and we look forward to working with volunteers and our neighboring families to help Them rebuild


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