Tale Of Two Days

Report Date: May 7, 2019

Had some regulars out yesterday. Had Mark Coomber, Matt Tilford, Jackie Tilford, and the British who were coming, were here. It’s been a year since we saw the world famous blogger Richard Millis, and his cohorts Andy Grouper and Angus Stevenson.

Sadly the best thing they happen to us all day was hanging out together, making some videos and eating lucky nuts and oreos.

We went 0-8 on grouper, caught a dozen snapper and some undersized jacks, a couple rudderfish and a bonito. Everywhere we went we were met with adversity, conditions we odd to say the least. I looked for jacks so hard to bend the rod on big fish no luck. And decided we’re going to catch a shark. Easy right? Sandpile, whole bonito were gonna have a show and a good fight. Chummed hard in two spots inshore and never saw a shark. So we couldn’t catch what we didn’t see. We ended up catching some snook in the inlet 1 of the fish fell in the slot so a little bonus on the way home.

Today we had Larry and his buddies Steve, Dan, Clay, Ceasar, and Nate. We bottom fished all day again and we were met with a solid thermocline in many spots. We bounced around and caught 2-9 grouper, 9 Amberjacks (kept 5) a couple almaco jacks, some sea bass and a giant nurse shark.

Lot of fuel burned and a lot of effort. We had 2 knots north current we had south tide, we had north current on top and south or no current on bottom, cold water, coolish water, warm water. The pieces of the puzzle have been hard to put together lately but that’s what I love to try and do. In the end we bent some rods and put meat in the box.







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