Double 1/2s Today

Report Date: October 27, 2019

Double 1/2s today. Never had a bite trolling on either 1/2. Late in the Morning trip went chicken rig fishing inshore and caught the kids some snapper and plenty of blue runners and grunts . But with that action sometimes we see big fish. Raised a pod of cobia to one of our snapper and caught 5 keeping 3. Went right back for the afternoon and no luck but bounced around to a lot of spots in the same zone and finally found some fish. We caught 5 but unfortunately they were all short. Went trolling for a hour plus with no bites then went deep water chicken rig fishing which I couldn’t do this morning. We caught 1 Mutton, 6 lanes, a vermillion, 11 genuine reds, 25 sea bass, a triggerfish.







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