Hurricane Dorian Bahamas Relief

Report Date: February 19, 2020

BAHAMAS RELIEF UPDATE! Incredible day today @edmorseauto in Delray. The @stuartsailfishclub @teddycadillac, @dolphinbarandshrimphouse, Mike Basil and DayMaker charters partnered to execute getting 10 Bahamian Taxi drivers new vehicles. They’re vehicles were lost or damaged beyond repair after Hurricane Dorian and after a couple months back and forth communication, and approved qualifications the 10 applicants were chosen. Ed Morse provided 30 vehicles to choose from and the money raised by the Stuart Sailfish Club Foundation, The Dolphin Bar and Shrimp House and countless others, allowed this event to take place. Thank you everyone that contributed to the Stuart Sailfish Club Foundation fundraising for the Bahamas as well as the GoFundMe page set up by the Dolphin Bar in which they matched up to $30,000. Each of our recipients received new vehicles, VHF radios to be installed, and lettering that will go on the side. All expenses have been covered by the clubs and partnering fundraising efforts. It feels good to feel good. Lots of smiles, laughs and tears. These new vehicles will allow these families to get back to a sense of normalcy. Not only earning money, taking kids to school and families to church but also helping the community itself continue to rebound. Bahamians are some of the most resilient people I have ever met. This was truly a rewarding experience. Thank you to @therealmarkcoomber for the introduction to Randy Hoffman Senior VP of the Ed Morse Automotive Group. Thank you to the entire staff of the Ed Morse Group for going above and beyond with breakfast, lunch and a seamless transition into new vehicles for the recipients. Above and beyond is a understatement!







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