Sailfish Challenge Was A Challenge

Report Date: February 24, 2020

Finished in the middle of the pack. Extremely challenging fishing on Friday, and great conditions Sunday but horrible fishing for sailfish. The boundary stretched from SE of Stuart off the Loran Tower to Fowey Light. 55 boats fished 2 days from 8am-4pm and released 112 sailfish. Probably the most mind boggling stat to me was there was only 5 multiples released the entire tournament and they were all doubles. Everything else caught was a single. Yesterday there was phenomenal kingfish action. I think we caught 7 or 8 on mono with 4 in the mid to high 20lb range. There were countless 20-40lb fish weighed in and Capt Jaimie and crew of the @oldno.7fishing weighed in a pair of 85lb wahoo. How sick is that both caught on mono in the same day a couple hours apart. We had 2
Single sailfish bites (1 each day) and caught both and saw two other fish that didn’t bite day 1 with a potential but unconfirmed 2nd bite day two so I’m not counting it. We went through 15 dozen baits yesterday. I fished from the northern boundary to 5 miles south of Palm Beach inlet. We also searched and fished from 12 fathoms to 90 fathoms looking for that lone family wondering around. Unfortunately never found it. Conditions varied from 50mph winds and rain Friday with a lot of kitemares to fishing Helium from noon on yesterday. Congratulations to all the winners.



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