Kingfish Charters for South Florida

Experience the Kingfish fishing charter of a lifetime in Stuart, FL.

Kingfish (also known as King Mackerel) can be caught year round fishing out of Stuart, Florida and the St. Lucie Inlet but the best fishing and biggest fish are caught during the seasons of late Spring and early Summer.  Kingfish are migratory and they travel up the Atlantic to the Carolinas at this time of year before migrating back down here to South Florida for Winter. Live baiting is my favorite way to catch kings.  We use 20lb conventional or spinning tackle and we live chum these fish.

It’s very exciting when we get the Kingfish chummed up behind the boat.  Kingfish commonly launch 10-15ft out of the water when initially striking the bait.  This is called sky rocketing.  Razor sharp teeth and blistering speed runs make for an exciting encounter. One tip is to use a generous amount of line – they will keep on running once they strike your bait so lots of line and good drag are essential. The average Kingfish we catch is probably 10-12lbs and we catch fish in excess of 35-40lbs every Summer.

Kings are good eating but do not freeze very well because of the oils in the meat.  Kingfish make excellent smoked fish and smoked fish dip.  So if you have a smoker or want to get your kingfish smoked the DayMaker can help you out.  Bring the kids and catch some flat seas and summertime Kingfish and Reef fish.  By-catches include CobiaSailfishWahoo, Bonito, Shark, Dolphin, and Barracuda.

Want to go fishing for some Kingfish? Call The Captain at (772) 380-3455‬ or book your charter online!

Charter FAQ's

Book the perfect fishing adventure for you with DayMaker Fishing Charters in Stuart, Florida. We have a charter option for every angler’s preference and schedule.
What is included in my charter?
The “DayMaker” will provide 110% effort, professional and courteous service from your Captain. All bait, tackle, foul weather gear, ice, cleaning of your fish and fishing licenses that are required for you to fish are provided by the boat at no additional cost. Lunch and beverages for your fishing charter can be picked up and loaded on the boat for you by your Captain. Reimbursement of the food and drinks will be required at the conclusion of the trip. A receipt will be provided for you at that time.

A deposit will be charged to your card if you do not show for your fishing charter and it has not been cancelled within a 14 day window proceeding your trip departure time.  All trips cancelled at the Captain’s discretion because of weather or boat issues will not be charged a deposit.  The deposit rate for a 1/2 day is $500 and the deposit rate for all other trips is $750 per day.

Weather Issues: Any trip decisions involving the weather are at the sole discretion of the Captain. If the Captain determines the weather is not suitable for fishing anywhere, your deposit will be returned


We offer a range of charters including half-day, three-quarter day, and full-day trips. Each is designed to cater to different fishing experiences, from quick trips to full-day adventures targeting specific species. You can see pricing and book a charter here.

No, beginners are welcome! Our experienced crew will provide guidance and assistance for all skill levels, ensuring a great experience for everyone on board.
  • a still or video camera
  • sunscreen, hat and polarized sunglasses
  • sweatshirt during the winter months
  • a cooler to take your catch home
  • food and drink (alcohol permitted)
  • Flip Flops or boat shoes with non black soles
  • If prone to seasickness it is strongly recommended that you take medicine the night before your trip and again in the morning with a light breakfast.
Yes, within legal limits and regulations. Our crew will inform you about the catch limits and help with cleaning and bagging your catch.
We provide water, but you should bring your own snacks and drinks. Alcoholic beverages are allowed in moderation.
We can accommodate up to 6 anglers on a charter.
Safety is our priority. We closely monitor weather conditions and may reschedule the trip if necessary. In cases of severe weather, we offer a full refund or rescheduling option if we are unable to fish due to inclement weather.
Tipping isn’t required, but greatly appreciated. Most clients tip 20% of the charter rate.

You recommend that you book directly through our website but you can also call us if you have questions before booking. We recommend booking in advance, especially during peak season, to ensure availability.

Depending on the season and charter type, you can target Sailfish, Dolphin, Tuna, Snapper, Grouper, Kingfish and much more. Our experienced crew will guide you to the best spots for the day’s conditions.

Yes, children are welcome! We ensure a safe, family-friendly environment. However, we advise parental discretion for very young children due to the nature of the sea conditions.

The distance varies based on the charter type and target species, but typically, we travel anywhere from 3 to 15 miles offshore.
Absolutely! Let us know your preference, and we’ll do our best to tailor the trip to your fishing goals, subject to seasonal availability and regulations.
The cost of your charter covers most necessities. However, gratuities for the crew are always appreciated for exceptional service and are not included in the charter price.
Fishing is world class year round in Stuart, FL. Each season offers a different and new variety of fish to catch.